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The Traveller Book

|| athato bhaarata vihari ||
Like every great book of yore, let us begin by stating concisely what the book will be about. As said, this book will be a brief stroll through the great nation of Bhaarata. It is our sincere hope that this book, an addition to our hit travel serial Vihari The Traveller, will meet the needs of the readers in providing in-depth information on the various tourist places in India, which a traveller should know before they embark on a holiday, this book will help in planning their holiday to a destination at right -season, means of travel, weather, hotels, nearby places to watch and above all help in saving money.

Vihari Book

Our staff eagerly explaining about Vihari Book to Smt. Geetha Reddy Hon Minister for Tourism govt of AP and being presented to Sri Naveen Mittal Commissioner Vijayawada.

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You can get the copy of our Book on Amazon.

Traveller be safe

It is obseved that there are many causalities in tours due to non availability of information, incorrect planning and negligence We felt that there is an imperative need for an exclusive book /information about safe tours. In this endeavor we have compiled a book by the name Traveller Be Safe and we are launching and distributing the book freely amongst the tour operators. We are also posting safety tips through Print and Television, Websites, Social Media and to make our endeavor successful we request all the readers help us spread awareness.